The 44 Best Quotes From Proverbs in the Bible

Proverbs is a rather extraordinary book in the Old Testament. It was written roughly 3,000 years ago, mostly by Solomon with some contributions from Agur, son of Jakeh & Lemuel as well. Given how long ago that was, you’d almost expect it to say things like, “Don’t poke yourself in the eye with a sharp stick” and “Fire bad! Rarrrrr!”

Instead, Proverbs is as chock full of wisdom as any self-help book that you’ll pick up off the shelves today. In fact, you might be surprised at how many of your favorite sayings can be traced all the way back to Proverbs.

With that in mind, I decided to post my favorite quotations from Proverbs. These are the ones, that for one reason or another, really stood out for me when I read through them:

The Lord corrects those he loves, as parents correct a child of whom they are proud. — Proverbs 3:12