The 4 Things Women Can Do To Improve Their Value with Men Outside of Improving Their Looks

Sadly, Vera Minstral has been banned from Twitter, but she asked what I thought was a fascinating question. She wanted to know if there was anything women could do to make themselves more attractive to men that weren’t related to looks. In other words, how does a woman improve her market value to men if her looks don’t change?

First, when you listen to guys talk and see memes like this one, it’s easy to see why women might wonder about that.

Moreover, there is a kernel of truth there. Looks are first and foremost what a man looks for in a woman and if a woman is beautiful enough, the world is her oyster. Not only do men want a woman like that because they’re sexually attracted to her, they want her because she’s a status symbol. As an ex-friend of mine turned Fox news babe once told me, “You can judge the quality of the man by the quality of the woman on his arm.”