The 20 Most Ironic Photos on the Internet

It’s not often that we can catch true irony on film but when we do, it’s absolutely beautiful.

1. I’ll take “easier said than done” for $400, Alex.

2. So… Does he get to investigate himself?

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3. At least they’re using it… I think…

4. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

5. Presented without comment.

6. Well actually…

7. It’s probably best to just not head down this road.

8. I don’t think I’d want to send my kid to this school

9. Irony: Now available in 31 flavors!

10. I beg to differ

11. I’m getting mixed signals

12. I’m beginning to question the effectiveness of this product

13. Well… at least they came to the right place.

14. “Phrasing?”

15. Whoever made this sign clearly graduated from the college in #8.

16. Um…

17. Finally, truth in advertising.

18. Never underestimate the importance of location, location, location.

19. See, this is exactly the kind of shenanigans the sign was trying to prevent.

20. Clearly it wasn’t crushed enough before it was packaged.


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