The 20 Funniest Bumper Stickers of All-Time

Bumper stickers are​​ an interesting way to express yourself on your vehicle. You can let everyone know where you stand politically, how big your family is, or brag about your how smart your kids are.

And then there are these people.

1.​​ Something Tells Me His Ex-Wife Lives Comfortably

2.​​ Does That Mean We Can Bring Back Jousting?

3.​​ Not Inaccurate

4.​​ Take THAT, Global Warming!

5.​​ He Must Be Talking To The Guy In #4

6.​​ Someone Has To Ask The Hard Questions

7.​​ The World’s Most Accurate Bumper Sticker

8.​​ Yeah That Guy Sucks! Oh Wait…

9.​​ Oh That’s Just Hurtful

10.​​ You And Me Both