The 20 Best Quotes From David Deida’s Classic Book For Men, ‘The Way of the Superior Man.’

From David Deida’s classic book for men, ‘The Way of the Superior Man.’

20) “The capacity to face death for the sake of freedom, whether actually in war or ritually on the football field or chessboard, is the ultimate masculine act, evoking men’s deepest emotions.”

19) “It is important for men and women to realize that often the Masculine sexual essence expresses its real love by trying to solve a problem, just as the Feminine sexual essence often tries to solve a real problem by offering emotional support. Men, especially, could learn that trying to solve her “problem” does not necessarily feel like real love to a woman with a Feminine sexual essence. Women, especially, could learn that trying to offer emotional support does not necessarily solve the problems that the Masculine sexual essence is really trying to fix.”

18) “A man’s word is his honor. The feminine says what it feels. A woman’s word is her true expression in the moment.”