The 15 Best Quotes From Spartan Up!: A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Peak Performance

From Joe De Sena’s Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life.

“Instant success imparts nothing of any real or lasting value. No adversity has been confronted and handled because everything came fast and easy. When adversity does arrive, and it always does, someone who has never encountered it before will have no clue what to do in response.”

“We wanted to surround ourselves with people who inspire us. The people who inspire us the most are those who don’t waver, don’t quit, don’t take shortcuts, and don’t fall short.”

“An old running proverb goes, ‘You run the first half with your legs, the second half with your mind.’ Believe it or not, you can make it eight days beyond the moment when you think, ‘I can’t take another step.’”