The 11 Traits That Made The Most Exceptional People I’ve Ever Known Stand Out

Have you ever thought about what makes human beings stand out from the masses? What makes them exceptional, extraordinary, and well worth knowing?

Well, as a thought experiment, I decided to approach this topic a little differently. I decided to go back, throughout my life, and think about the most exceptional people I’ve ever PERSONALLY known. Then, I tried to figure out what was so exceptional about those exceptional people. Why were they the people I cared the most about or was most impressed by?

I excluded my immediate family, because if nothing else, your family tends to be impressive just because they’re family. I also excluded famous people I didn’t know, because let’s face it: When we’re talking about George Washington, Babe Ruth, or even Bill Gates, we know a public persona, not a real person — and there’s a world of difference between the two.

As you read through these traits, keep in mind that even the best of us probably won’t live up to these measurements in every way. In fact, some of these traits came from people who are memorable BECAUSE OF A SINGLE TRAIT on this list.