The 10 Worst Tattoos of All-Time

Tattoos mean many things to many people. They can be a beautiful reminder of a loved one who passed away or a character from a movie or book that changed your life. It can pay homage to a past struggle or even show dedication to your job or hobby.

On the other hand, it can be a permanent reminder of how stupid you are. As you’re about to see, some people are very, very stupid.

1) This is here because it makes me laugh.

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2) I don’t think they’re “starring” for the reason you think…

3) Truly inspirational.

4) Is the lesson here that you should have gone to another tattoo artist?

5) Have fun explaining that one to the future in-laws.

6) Just… why?

7) Maybe he should have run this one by his English teacher…

8) I don’t even want to see the woman this was based on because I’m scared…

9) She should go back and get a different tattoo.

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10) No! Just no!

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