The 10 Types of Red Pill / Manosphere Bullsh*t You Should Avoid

I’ve been reading articles from the “manosphere” since the time when dudes with fuzzy hats and goggles were roaming the earth explaining how to “neg” and “push/pull” women into bed with “same night lays” (God bless Mystery, by the way. I actually think he did some important work in his time despite how weird some of it looks today).

Things have changed a lot over the years as old school pick-up techniques have gone mainstream, beards have come into vogue, the Red Pill arrived on the scene and some of the weirdness that came along with the Trump era happened. One day, you were looking at a website that’s talking about how to pick up women and it seemed like you came back the next and the same website was ranting about Hillary Clinton or much worse yet, Jews. It goes without saying that was really bizarre and off-putting.

Today, what I think of as the manosphere is a hodgepodge of different websites with wildly differing levels of value — Red pillers, men’s rights activists, PUAs, MGTOWs, Incels, misogynists, blue pill romance gurus, white power activists trying to present themselves as male gurus, dudes trying to “remake” masculinity into something more feminine, rabid self-promoters and bullsh*t artists and everything in between.

There’s an awful lot of good in there, but there’s also more than a little bad. If you across anyone pushing any of things I talk about below, it’s a good time to be cautious.