The 10 Most Unappetizing Foods in The World

You may have ventured to try rocky mountain oysters like I have which are further from oysters than just about anything. One might imagine that the food comes from the sea but if you ask your friend feeding them to you to be​​ honest, they will reveal that it really comes from the groin of a ram. I wasn’t tricked to eat sheep testicles, luckily for my friends. But it proved a point to me that you can fry anything in oil and it will taste decent. I’ve even ventured eating escargot at a French restaurant, alligator at a Brazilian restaurant, horse meat from some Tongan friends at a Mets game (it was delicious), whole baked fish with eyeball and everything at a Mexican friend’s house (eating the eyeball was my own choice, not his),​​ chicken’s foot at a Dominican’s home and my worst experience of all food- tripe (cow-stomach) again at various Dominican homes with the promise that ‘Mondongo is the most delicious’. I got sick every time I ate mondongo and get sick now just thinking about​​ it. Oh yeah... and I forgot bacalao… another nasty Dominican dried fish dish (not sure why they make gross things when they have so many delicious recipes!). I’m adventurous and in my research, I realized that there are some foods if encouraged, I might try and there are foods I would probably not get down even at gun point. Here are things I would probably try: Tuna Eyeballs, Boshintang- dog meat, Jellied moose nose and even this Cambodian dish made from crispy tarantulas called A-ping below: