The 10 Most Epic Photobombs

Some people out there think photobombs ruin perfectly good photos.

We beg to differ.

  1. Don’t Even Think About It, Bill!

Former President Bill Clinton caught photobombing Kelley Clarkson, and oh boy does he look like he approves of her… performance.

  1. Soccer Moms Gone Wild!

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This is one picture that is definitely NOT going in the photo album.

  1. She’s Still Got It!

The background is the best part of this picture.

  1. A Shocking Proposal

It’s hard to tell who is more surprised.

  1. What Is Worse Than Clowns?

Clowns that you don’t know are there until after the fact. Creepy.

  1. Single-Finger Salute

Did they not pay for their drinks or…?

  1. Pea Soup, Anyone?

No really, this one is just plain strange.

  1. One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Ah, they won’t notice.

  1. She’s Cute But…

Let’s hope that’s not a daily ritual.

  1. When You HAVE To Be The Center Of Attention

I wonder if that’s his good side.


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