Study: Almost No Straight People Are Willing to Date Transgenders

One of the things you hear from people constantly these days is how hard the dating game has become. You have online dating services that end up creating flaky behavior. Massive ego inflation online that makes women think they are more attractive than they are and thus, deserve better men than they can probably get. Guys who talk about relationships, but just want to have sex and ghost. It goes on and on.

Then, I’m sure it’s even worse if you’re gay since a lot of places don’t have a thriving gay culture and, yes, a lot of straight guys will get offended if they think you’re hitting on them. Still, if you’re gay, there are places you can move with lots of other people like you (Ex: San Francisco) or you may at least be able to go to the local gay club so you can be sure you are in your element.

Now, imagine being a transsexual who has been sold the lie that you can actually change sexes. You may have had your surgery or you may not. Whatever gender you identify with, you may actually be attracted to the other gender. On top of that, although there are a few trannies that can pass for attractive members of the opposite sex, almost all of them just look off. That’s what happens when you grow up with one gender’s hormones pumping through your body and then you try to pretend to pass for the other sex. On top of that, you obviously have severe mental issues and although a lot of people have been silenced on this issue because of political correctness, they quite correctly see you as what you are, which is not the sex you are claiming to be. This delusional fantasy quite naturally has severe ramifications when it comes to dating,

Recently, my colleague and I asked this question of just under 1,000 participants and we published our findings in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.