So People Are Shocked That Incels Are Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Better

Identifying as an incel is kind of like wearing a “kick me” sign. By definition, an incel not only isn’t able to get women, but he also doesn’t believe that he can. Couple that with some of the toxic beliefs commonly spewed by that subculture and few incel mass murderers and there’s nothing a lot of people love more than crapping on incels.

However, while I disagree with the whole incel philosophy (if you aren’t able to get women, you don’t turn into the slide, you improve), what you’re seeing is a genuine problem swelling up into a subculture because of the Internet.

In the real world, it has become increasingly difficult for a lot of men on the bottom of the totem pole to find women. For a variety of reasons, many women have a dramatically inflated view of their own worth in the sexual value marketplace, what’s expected from a man in a relationship today is orders of magnitude more than what was expected a few generations ago and there’s a much smaller financial incentive for women to get married today than there used to be.

What this means is that an increasing share of the male population isn’t going to be having sex, getting into the relationships or getting married. Combine that with our sick culture’s ability to cut subgroups off from the mainstream and its knack for making everyone feel like a victim and this has the potential to become problematic. Large populations of unhappy males without access to women typically leads to more crime & more unrest. Then there are the mass murders. Let’s hope those are outliers, not the tip of the spear.