Should She Go To Jail After Encouraging Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself?

Michelle Carter may end up in jail after encouraging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself,

Prosecutors are asking a judge to order a Massachusetts woman to begin serving her 15-month jail sentence for encouraging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself.

….The judge found Carter caused (Conrad) Roy’s death when she instructed him over the phone to get back in his truck that was filling with toxic gas.

Long story short, Conrad Roy was a messed up, suicidal guy who ended up getting into a long distance relationship with a messed up, suicidal girl. When he became suicidal and started the process of killing himself, he reached out to her and she basically told him to go for it. He did. Now, he’s dead.

Let me disagree with the prevailing wisdom here. If Conrad Roy were a happy, together person, it wouldn’t have mattered what his crazy, suicidal girlfriend told him to do. Alas, he was a messed up person in a difficult situation and he reached out to the worst possible human being that he could have for help.

That was his mistake and people make it all the time. The number of human beings that have gotten high, committed crimes or done outrageously stupid things with the encouragement of their friends is astronomical. Going down this pathway, whether other people are responsible for someone’s bad choices, is a horrible idea because if this idea becomes accepted, it won’t stop there.