Should a Man Ever Date a Single Mother?

If I were to pick out what I think is the biggest flaw in Red Pill thinking, I would say that it’s a tendency to advise every man to act like he’s at the top of the food chain when it comes to women. If you are drowning in women, I think Red Pill advice for how to handle yourself tends to hold up pretty well. On the other hand, if you are the other 80% (If we’re talking about the Pareto principle here and assuming the top 20% are killing it), I don’t think taking a black and white approach will always serve you.

For example, if you ask Red Pilled guys if they should date a single mother, there is a very definite answer to that question. It’s not just “no,” but “Hell no.” Typical of that type of thinking is this video from “Coach Red Pill.”

It has over a million views and 29,000 comments. Those comments tend to say things like,