She Wants to Know If She Was Wrong to Tell Her 37-Year-Old Sister to Lower Her Standards?

Women absolutely hate getting this advice not just for the obvious reason, but because it implies they made some bad choices:

(Am I the Asshole) for telling my sister she needs to lower her standards?

My sister is 37 and has been mostly single for the past 3-4 years. She’s a doctor and is working like 70 hours a week on occasion and the hours can be brutal. However, she takes time for herself and she’s quite attractive (if that’s not creepy to say). Plus, she’s very intelligent and well-read and can discuss a ton of different things.

She’s been complaining to me about her dating life a lot lately, saying how she can’t find any guys that want to date her that she also wants to date. I have obviously asked her the reasons, and the main ones are she’s looking for someone close to her age who’s also career-driven like her, and more importantly, he must also be her intellectual equal. And he must also not be unattractive – to her at least.