She Told the Cops She Was Raped, But When They Saw Her Texts, They Arrested Her

It’s not just that she lied about being raped, it’s that it was for such a frivolous reason.

A female student at the University of Kansas told police that she had been raped the day before. She didn’t remember all the details because, she said, she was drunk. She told the officers she didn’t want to press charges but gave them access to her phone before she entered the Lawrence Memorial Hospital for a rape examination.

After looking through her phone, police suspected she was not being truthful about the encounter and continued to investigate. They determined she had lied and arrested her for falsely reporting a felony crime.

…The woman claimed she had been drinking and didn’t know how she ended up in bed with her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. She claimed to the Star that she joked about the incident with a friend in a text message because, as the outlet claimed, she was “unable at the time to admit she had been raped.”