She Slept With 18 Men in One Night & Says Her Husband Was Fine With It

There are people who get sexually excited by just about anything, so I guess it’s entirely possible that some guy is getting wound up by watching 18 dudes take turns on his wife. Still, handing out condoms to different men about to rail your wife rates 11 cucks on a 1-10 cuck scale…

“The first time I did it, it was with 10 guys and it felt amazing. Yes, the sex was great but knowing that these guys are here for me and me alone is really empowering.”

High off her experience, she soon wanted to try again, but this time she upped the numbers from 10 men to 18 – and her husband was there to watch the whole thing and even pass around some condoms.

She added: “My husband loves to watch my facial expressions, he is like a kid in the candy store! He jokes that he is happy to lend out his toys but only if they are returned in the same condition he lent them.”