She Received Less Than Two Years in Jail for Falsely Accusing Two Officers of Rape

Remember, kids, women don’t lie about rape! You know that must be true because you’ve heard it repeated over and over again by people with agendas and it always turns out to be correct, except for all the times it isn’t. Like this one for example,

A Pennsylvania woman who falsely accused two State Police troopers of rape was sentenced to just 23 months in prison for her crimes. She likely won’t even serve the full sentence.

…Cromer and her husband were both arrested in April 2018 for drug trafficking charges. She had already been accused of falsely accusing the troopers of rape in 2017, and he had previously been arrested for allegedly handcuffing Cromer to a radiator and abusing her, The Times Leader reported.

Cromer had claimed a State Police officer raped her in the front seat of his patrol car outside Mohegan Sun Pocono, the casino where she worked as a cocktail waitress. As the Voice reported, Cromer then changed her story and made the accusations against a different trooper who had interviewed her while investigating her claims against the first officer.