She Hates Men Because She’s Afraid to Be Alone in a Store With a Man

The line between mental illness and feminism is not always clear. Without question, there are a lot of radical feminist beliefs that have more to do with mental problems than any kind of ideology. For example…

If you’re scared of every man you see at night or want to cry if you are alone with a man in a store, that’s not a normal, rational belief. That’s like saying, “I read about a pit bull attack once, so I am scared of every dog” or “I heard about someone that wrecked their car, so I am never going to drive.” In fact, that may not quite be doing it justice. It may be so broad that it could be compared to something like agoraphobia. You know, “Something bad happened to me outside of my house, so I am never leaving my house again.”

I was interested in what sort of person writes this sort of thing, so I took 5 minutes to read through her timeline. To her credit, she seems to own a business, which is impressive. On the other hand, she hates Republicans, Christians and doesn’t seem mentally well. Like, does this seem healthy?

She may hate people like us — and 15,000 other feminists and white knights may agree with her — but honestly, I feel sorry for them. We’re talking about someone who is eaten up by needless hate and terror. Do you think that’s a recipe for a happy life? If there was a genie that allowed me to make a wish for her and all the people that liked that status, it would be for them to get help from competent, non-feminist therapists before they waste any more of their lives like this.

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John Hawkins
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