She Feels Like She Met ‘The One’ Way Too Early. Should She Dump Him to Pursue Other Guys?

This is a common issue that people struggle with:

I (F 24) feel like I met “the one” too early in my life. Anyone else feel this way?

Title pretty much says it all, but I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years and I totally see myself ending up with him, we talk about getting married one day. But I always pictured myself dating around in my twenties before I met him, and now I can’t shake this nagging feeling that comes up when I watch a romantic movies where two people meet or see my friends on dating apps and enjoying/hating those weird hookup experiences that happen in your 20s and feeling like I’m missing out in a way? (note: obviously this feeling started pre-quarantine, my friends aren’t going out and meeting anyone right now)

I had a phase in college where I was kind of just doing my own thing and hooking up with guys without getting too attached and it felt so empowering and independent and even though I’m happy now, I sometimes find myself feeling so nostalgic for those days. It feels as if I wasn’t quite ready to meet my boyfriend when I did.