She Defends Her Friends, But Not Him. Should He Have Dumped Her?

Via Reddit:

I get that life-long friends are important, but if they’re talking sh*t about your significant other, and treating them like sh*t, wouldn’t you jump in?

AM I crazy?

Backstory: My[30M] girlfriend[28F] of 1.5 years has a very toxic circle of gay friends. They sounded like fun from the way she would often talk about them so I was generally excited to meet them. But since day 1 these @ssholes never even gave me a second of their time to get to know me before treating me like shi*. Whenever she’s not around, they would turn away from me and go out of their way to ignore me. When I asked them if I did something wrong, all I got was some scoffing and awkward silences. Since the very first day, there has been tension and poison in between us.