She Claimed She Was Bound & Raped in a Hotel Room. Then They Looked at Her Google Searches

Falsely claiming you’ve been raped for fun and profit. It’s apparently a thing now:

On February 5, police responded to a call from the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas saying a room was on fire. After they arrived, police learned that a hotel worker, Aviaon Lee, may have been sexually assaulted just before the fire was set, as witnesses said they found her curled up in the hotel hallway bound with duct tape…

…Lee told police she had been cleaning a room when a man sexually assaulted her after taping her eyes shut. She claimed the man wore a ski mask and set the bed on fire after he assaulted her.

Lee gave police her phone as part of their investigation, and police quickly discovered that between January 11 and February 2, Lee had searched the Internet for information regarding rape and workman’s compensation. KVVU reported the searches included: “can you sue hotel job for sexual assault,” “how much can you sue a company for injury” and “how can you tell if someone been raped.”