She Asks ‘Why Do Men Only See Me as the Side-Chick & Never as the Main Girl?’

This is an interesting question and sadly, she apparently has zero self-awareness, so she’s giving us nothing to go on. But, there is an answer to the question:

Why do men always see me as the “side girl” or the back up?

I’m a 33 year old independent female. I have a great job, I think I’m decent looking, people say I’m friendly and trusting, etc. However, when it comes to dating, I’m always #2 and I don’t know why.

Yesterday, I had a married coworker (33m) text me. I know he’s had a crush on me since before he got married. I’ll catch him staring, he’ll come up to my desk to ask dumb questions, flirt, etc. He always tries to get things to progress further. He even lied/hid his engagement from me for 6 months! I know he has no intention of leaving his wife because we’ve been working together since before he married her and he wouldn’t have gone through with marrying her if he truly wanted something with me. So I feel like he wants to make me just the OW.