She Accused a Man Of Rape Then Sent Herself Threatening Messages To Frame Him

#Believeallwomen, bro. They’d never falsely accuse a guy they barely know of rape for reasons so hard to fathom that nobody will understand it even if they get jail time.

Shannon Maley had a seeming vendetta against a 20-year-old man with learning disabilities who was dating her sister. She barely knew him, yet claimed he sexually assaulted her and her friends. Maley then created multiple social media accounts under the young man’s name and sent herself disturbing and threatening messages in order to frame him.

She has since pleaded guilty to “perverting the course of justice and also to harassing witnesses,” The Daily Record reported.

The young man, who will not be named by The Daily Wire because he is the victim and will instead be referred to as John Doe, told the Record he was on the brink of suicide until he was acquitted last November on five charges of sexual assault. The outlet reported that he “sat on the ledge of his 14th-storey flat window seriously contemplating whether life was worth living because of the vicious lies that had ‘destroyed’ him.”