Seattle-Area Councilman: Hosing Feces-Covered Sidewalks Is Racist

Larry Gossett

In politics, the woker people get, the more incapable they become of doing their job. Instead of doing whatever they’re supposed to be doing, they spend all their intellectual energy coming up with people on whose behalf they need to be offended or trying to figure out how to look more caring than the other woke lunatics. Take for example, Councilman Larry Gossett,

Two King County Superior Court judges are asking for help cleaning up the courthouse at Third Avenue and James Street after they say two jurors and half a dozen employees have been assaulted.

…Inveen told the committee about two incidents, one in late May and one in June, in which jurors were attacked in separate incidents outside the courthouse’s Third Avenue entrance. On other occasions, Inveen said, employees have been spat upon, slammed against a wall or punched.

Although cleaning and patrolling the area immediately surrounding the courthouse would not address some of the deep-seated issues faced by denizens of the space, it would send a signal that somebody was paying attention, she said.

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She and Rogers asked the county to take immediate steps to clean up the courthouse with a daily power-wash of the surrounding sidewalks, which reek of urine and excrement.

They also asked that the county empty trash cans more frequently, remove bus-stop benches, remove tents from the adjoining park and increase the presence of law enforcement — not just to arrest people but to deter crime. Another suggestion was closing the Third Avenue entrance and reopening the one on Fourth.

…Some committee members expressed concern about addressing the symptoms of the area’s problems without getting to the cause. Councilmember Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.

Another council member, Claudia Balducci, suggested that the county consider using social-service employees in partnership with police.

You have jurors not wanting to show up because there are people being assaulted, spat on and slammed into walls and the area smells bad because it’s covered with human waste — and this is the area OUTSIDE THE COURTHOUSE. What signal does it send to people about their safety not just at the courthouse, but all over Seattle? Yet you have a city council member trying to gain entry to woke Olympics instead of dealing with the problem. Oh, and who knew that every time I water my lawn, it is a potentially traumatic event that could remind people of civil rights activists being sprayed almost 60 years ago. Hey, weren’t those people wearing shirts? And PANTS? AND UNDERWEAR? OMG! Didn’t some of the cops have dogs? I guess everyone in Seattle will need to walk around naked and get rid of all their dogs so they don’t insensitively remind people of the bad old days of the Civil Rights Struggle. How have we gotten to the point that anyone is stupid enough to buy into this? Oh, we’re going to leave sh*t on the street because it might be triggering for someone to hose it off. Seattle is definitely on the…

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