Scientific Study: No Loss of Muscle Strength For Transsexuals After Year of Testosterone Suppression

There’s a reason we have “women’s sports” and not just “sports.” It’s because men are bigger, faster, stronger and have better endurance than women. Anywhere you compare apples to apples in sports, women lose — which is fine until transsexuals come into the equation.

Just because we pretend that a man who decides he’s a woman is a woman doesn’t actually make him a woman. What this means is that if James declares his name is Jane and even chops off his penis, he still has a huge physical advantage over a Jane that has been a woman since birth.

The obvious way to deal with this issue would be to refuse to let transsexuals compete with biological women, but that would require admitting the truth — that they’re not women. So, the convenient lie that has been embraced to get around this is that if testosterone is suppressed down to castrated male levels in transexuals, then everyone is on an even playing field.

Of course, this is ridiculous for a wide variety of reasons. For one, although testosterone is an important hormone for men, it’s just one of several. Imagine that LeBron James had his testosterone zeroed out tomorrow. He’s still going to be 6′ 8″ and 250 pounds. He’s still going to have a 7′ 0″ wingspan. He’s still going to jump higher, run faster and be stronger than any female basketball player on the planet. Granted, he would have trouble adding on large amounts of new muscle, but he probably wouldn’t even lose any muscle mass.