Roosh On Marriage & What’s Wrong With American Women

After reading a book on the nature of men, I saw a comment saying that “Roosh” also wrote some great material on the topic. It referred to a book of his called, The Best Of Roosh: Volume 1. As it turned out, the book mostly seemed to be meta-level pick-up artist material with a heavy emphasis on picking up women overseas, which while entertaining, wasn’t why I bought the book.

However, when Roosh did finally get down to talking about what is wrong with relationships and American women, he actually did have a lot of intriguing things to say. Yes, I did think he was a little too harsh at times, but he also had some great insights. For example, while I have often heard women in the United States claim that men have gotten less manly (and I can’t disagree with that), Roosh talked about how many women in America have become way too masculine.

On a subconscious level, I think I had already realized that, but the irony of it has kept me from fully grasping what was happening. After all, our culture, our schools and much of our lifestyle has become much more feminine in recent years and yet when it comes to relationships, women have become much more masculine in their attitude. Oftentimes, whether you’re dating a woman or just talking to a female friend, it almost feels like you have to crack through a hard, outer layer of masculinity to make her comfortable enough so she can show you the most attractive feminine parts of her personality. This doesn’t seem like it should be the normal state of things and yet… well, here’s Roosh. If you’re a man, tell me if this doesn’t strike a chord with you.

Roosh on women