Rollo Tomassi: Why It’s Bad For Society If Men Marry Single Mothers

Rollo Tomassi is known as “The Godfather of the Red Pill” because he is the definitive source on Red Pill issues. Additionally, Rollo Tomassi‘s book The Rational Male is one of the top 5 books I’d recommend to young men. Our in-depth interview covered criticisms of the Red Pill. I think you will really enjoy it. You can listen to it here.

When I interviewed Rollo Tomassi about criticisms of the Red Pill, I thought what he had to say about single mothers and marriage was particularly interesting. What follows is an edited transcript of that part of our conversation. Enjoy.

John Hawkins: So let’s say you’re the 30-year-old Beta guy and finally you’ve got this very attractive single mother interested in you and maybe that’s not your perfect ideal and you’re not her perfect ideal. But hey, you’re 30 years old and you’ve been in a long dry spell and so should you wife her up and get married? I mean now red pill philosophy would say absolutely not, but there’s a lot of people who go that route and really realistically, I don’t know that there is a much better option for guys in that kind of situation.