Robert Deniro’s Wife Wants 250 Million Despite a Pre-Nuptial Contract

At one time, you could USUALLY make a reasonable argument that a wife played a major role in the success of her husband.


Well, the wife was at home taking care of the house and the kids while the husband was working. Moreover, at one time, “housework” could include spending hours beating laundry out at the stream, bringing water to the house from a well and spending hours every day making dinner from scratch. That was really old school, but even from the sixties to now has been a huge change,

The study of 577 adult women in the UK shows that on average, ladies spend 18.2 hours a week on housework, including cleaning, vacuuming, food shopping and cooking. This compares to 44 hours a week on average in 1965, according to official figures from the Department for Education.