Rich Cooper: The 11 Types of Women You Should Avoid in a Long Term Relationship

Rich Cooper from Entrepreneurs in Cars is a successful guy with generally good takes on women and dating. Two years ago, before the whole event imploded over Rollo Tomassi being kicked to the curb, Rich did a speech at the 21 Convention. The video, which is part of it, is called, “Richard Cooper on How to Manage Risk in Dating and Marriage.” I didn’t agree with every single thing Rich said (and I’ll note the disagreements), but I thought it was solid advice overall.

Avoid Dangerous Personalities: This comes from Joe Navarro’s book Dangerous Personalities. I’ve listened to the audio version of that book (It was good). There were four different “dangerous” personality types. I’m splitting each of these up into its own individual category.

1) The Emotionally Unstable: These are the sort of women that are unpredictable, borderline, the type you have to walk on eggshells around because you never know what could set them off.