Red Pill Vs. Tradcon

All sorts of things get defined as “Red Pill,” but if you cut all the way down to the heart of the matter, it’s really just a better way of explaining gender dynamics. People who buy into the Red Pill look at the way the conventional/Blue Pill/Tradcon explains why men and women do what they do and they believe the map better fits the territory. In my humble opinion, they’re right.

That is mostly because the traditional way of looking at gender relations is running off of a script that has been out of date for 75 years. Back when women were getting married at 22 to get financial support, infrequently had sex outside of marriage and divorce was stigmatized, the Tradcon way of looking at the world didn’t work perfectly, but it produced a fairly good outcome for a large number of people.

Fast forward to 2020 when people are marrying for love, sex outside of marriage is common and there’s no more stigma to divorce and the system has become much more dysfunctional.

That being said, it’s STILL the approach that most people in our culture take to love and marriage and while the shortcomings of it are often pointed out in the manosphere, it’s worth pointing out that it still works for the majority of people. About 45% of people get divorced, which means roughly 55% don’t. Additionally, statistics across many studies show that married people are happier than people that are single. It’s also worth adding that just about every statistical measure imaginable shows that a couple does a better job of raising a kid than a single parent. In other words, can Red Pill philosophy correctly point out the deficiencies of Blue Pill thinking? Sure, but it’s worth noting that most of the Blue Pill guys are still winning. If you’re a Blue Pill guy who gets married at 29, has 2.5 kids and lives with the wife in the house with the white picket fence until you have a heart attack and die at 82, you succeeded.