Quotes From The Best of Roosh: Volume 1

Roosh V. is one of the most famous and controversial pick-up artists roaming the earth. I’m going to be doing a Planet Hawkins Podcast with him that should be released on Saturday. In the interim, I thought I’d release a few of the best quotes from his book, The Best Of Roosh: Volume 1. Warning — Roosh is not the most sensitive of men; so some of these quotes may be a little bracing. You have been warned.

“Girls want sex from men who are already getting sex. Despite every girl’s protest to the contrary, the more partners you’ve had the better, because each vagina you’ve demolished acts as a seal of approval of your worthiness.”

“Only by embracing suffering can you tame the fear.”

“If she ends the conversation but then walks back up to you to re-initiate contact, or she waves and smiles at you from across the bar (Polish girl method), feel free to resume the chat. Other than that, any attempt on your part to restart something that she so eagerly killed would be providing her with validation at the expense of your sex goal. You’re not a bus that comes every 10 minutes. You’re not the 7-11 that stays open 24 hours a day. You’re the once in a millennia asteroid that lands in Siberia and kills a lot of small animals. If she happens to miss that then she will die before having the chance to experience it again.”