Older Men Give Advice to Younger Men Who Don’t Want to Waste Their Lives

Via Reddit. Here are the 3 best pieces of advice from older men to younger men…

“Never stop expanding your mind and your skills.

Always save 5-10% of your money or more, for emergencies, unemployment or retirement

If it hurts or you are sick after 72 hours and things seem to be getting worse, see a doctor.

Work to live, do not live to work .

Let your mistakes be from acts of commission not omission.

And in that vein:

Ask her out, regret hurts more and lasts longer than rejection.” — wtfthecanuck

“Have a clearly defined picture of what you want your life to look like 5, 10, 20 , 30+ years on and work to make it happen. Write it down. Be disciplined.

Having a longterm goal or purpose gives you something do during the times of “boredom.” If you’re bored, then find something to do that will improve your life. And get help when you need it.” — Smachd

“Don’t smoke. Ever.

Learn what actually makes you happy and try to do that. In fact, don’t just try, but do it at all costs.

Don’t overlook your mental health. Talk to someone.

Be ok with failure. Allow yourself to take calculated risks and keep trying.

Save money however you can. Even if it’s $5 a week and you have to skip a meal.

Be good to everyone you meet. Sometimes the smallest thing can make a difference.

Take care of your body. It can fail faster than you can imagine.” — BlindPelican


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