His Girlfriend is a Liberal. Should He Keep His Mouth Shut About His Political Views?

Steven Crowder got a letter from a guy essentially asking this question.

I haven’t done any online dating in a while, but I used to go out with liberal women. I never hid the fact that I was conservative and if they were cool with it, I initially didn’t see a reason that I shouldn’t give them a shot.

Keep in mind that even a few years ago, people were considerably less partisan than they are today and it wasn’t like I was about to marry any of these women just because I went out on a date with them. I figured I’d give them a shot and if things started to work out, I’d start to deal with the long-term ramifications of potentially disagreeing with them on issues like God, guns and global warming.

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Usually, what happened was that I would avoid politics and see how we got along and then, if things were going fairly well, the woman would ask a few political questions near the end of the date. She would then inevitably be horrified when she found out that I’m a NRA member or that, yes, I really don’t like Planned Parenthood. Was that because she couldn’t deal with the idea herself or because she couldn’t imagine having to explain to her liberal friends that she was dating a conservative barbarian? I don’t know, but it nearly always blew up. In the very limited subset of times that it didn’t, it involved women who just weren’t all that political. They might have called themselves “liberal,” but they weren’t going to the Women’s March, they didn’t think of themselves as feminists & they didn’t pay that much attention to politics.

Eventually, I concluded it was just a waste of time to even go out on a date with a liberal woman, no matter how appealing she might seem to be because the chance of it blowing up was so high.

In this guy’s case, they’ve managed to get deeper into the relationship because he’s apparently hidden his political views. The problem with this is that either this guy is going to have to spend his whole life “Yes dearing” his wife on political issues, no matter what he believes, or he’s going to have to tell her the truth and risk everything falling apart.

As a man, how do you cower, terrified to tell the woman you’re with what you really believe? Is that the basis of a healthy relationship? If you don’t discuss politics, how do you know if you’re compatible at all? As Crowder says, what are you going to do when you have children and she’s turning them into little Antifa members?

So, if you’re conservative, should you avoid dating liberal women? There are always exceptions to the rule and maybe you’ll be one of them, but trying to date someone who probably thinks you’re a racist, sexist fascist because you don’t agree with her politically is unlikely to be a productive use of your time or work out well most of the time.

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