Millennials Want To Ban Secret Santa Gift Giving Because It Gives Them Anxiety?

You’ve heard of the Greatest Generation? Well, meet the SOFTEST GENERATION:

Millennials aren’t interested in participating in the office “Secret Santa,” according to a new study by the British job-hunting website, Jobsite, because the practice is “stressful” and anxiety-inducing.

…Jobsite’s study focused on the “negative effects” of Secret Santa and “it found that some millennials – Yes, of course, it’s millennials – have been suffering from anxiety as a result of their workplace Secret Santa,” reports viral news site Twenty-Two Words.

…The study, they say “found that younger workers are often spending more than they can afford on presents for their colleagues” in order to avoid being “judged” for their selection or thought “cheap” by their peers. Even though most Secret Santa groups set a budget, Millennials say they feel pressure to “up their game” in order to fit in with their colleagues.