Miley Cyrus Accidentally Reveals The Most Forbidden LBGTQ Truth You Aren’t Allowed to Talk About

Miley Cyrus is rich, famous, attractive and a “Train to Busan” style trainwreck of a human being. That’s why nobody was surprised when her marriage to Liam Hemsworth blew-up. In any case, Cyrus, who I generally find about as interesting as a wet dishrag, accidentally said something fascinating that infuriated the woke crowd. Naturally, she’s already apologized, but let’s dig into this a little bit because surprisingly, it touches on an interesting point.

Miley Cyrus has long been open with her fans about her sexuality, saying in 2015 that she identifies as pansexual. Now, however, Miley seems to have reversed course, saying in a recent Instagram Live that she thought she “had to be gay” because she thought “all guys are evil.”

Miley went on Instagram Live with reported boyfriend Cody Simpson and equated identifying as queer with “giving up” on cisgender men.

“Don’t give up,” Miley said, according to BuzzFeed News. “You don’t have to be gay; there are good people with d*cks out there, you just gotta find them. You just gotta find a d*ck that’s not a d*ck, you know what I mean?”