Michigan State Orders Student Employees Not To Say ‘I Apologize’ Because It’s ‘Triggering’

At some point, there are going to be angry snowflakes shouting, “don’t compare us to these p*ssies in American colleges because it makes us seem like wimps!” Could you blame them? Because we’re now getting to the point where college students are becoming so hypersensitive that it’s almost impossible not to offend them somehow.

Don’t “apologize” to customers. Don’t tell them it’s “no problem” to handle their concerns. Don’t even use the word “but”!

These are some of the trigger words that Michigan State tells student employees to avoid, according to a presentation documented by Campus Reform.

MSU Facilities Manager Sheena Ballbach laid out the no-nos and the replacement terms for Service Center employees at a mandatory training on “Inclusive & Culturally Sensitive Service to Residents & Guests” this month.