Men Talk About Ways That Attractive Women Creeped Them Out

Once at a party, there were several of us gathered around talking. The topic turned to sex, which is generally a good place for it to be if you are meeting women at a party. One attractive woman really stood out though because she said she liked “biting.” More specifically, she said she liked the “sensation of biting through human flesh.” If “nope” could be a facial expression, every guy in earshot would have had it on their face.

A lot of guys have apparently had experiences like this and here are some of the best ones:

— I’d feel like an asshole giving too many details but I hooked up with this girl one night and she seemed normal

But everytime I met her after that something was off. It seemed like she had a different personality each time, a lot of things she said didn’t follow the conversation and her expressions didn’t really do what they should ( for example watching a horror movie she said the death scenes made her horny). One night I’m passing her room at like 3am and see shes just sitting there staring at her tv while it’s off. I knock and I ask her what’s up and she looks at me weird and says she’s watching a show. I hadn’t talk to her in a while and then one day this girls says that she texted her saying I had trapped her in her room. I told my friend about it and apparently she texted multiple people on different days claiming I was kidnapping her or something. Prior to this She told me she wasn’t allowed to own a gun due to a history of depression but the more I spoke to her the more I think something else was going on.

— Watched a smoking hot girl, who I’d had feelings for up until that moment, plan to falsely accuse her current boyfriend of rape. She was going to have a friend come over a rough her up so she’d have bruises and shit.

So that was fucking terrifying.

— A very attractive woman I talked to (pre-cellphone camera era) had several books of Polaroids of men’s butts. Close up, no other distinguishing marks. She could name them all by memory. She would bring it with her to social events and ask for volunteers to be added. I thought maybe it was art, but at one point she mentioned she was trying to become a mortician and invent human body taxidermy. I assume she has a room of preserved butts now.