Men on Reddit Talk About What They Find Genuinely Amazing About Women

There is a reason that men keep pursuing women despite the heartbreak, brutal divorces and long, long stories about what you did at work today. Right? Can you just say that your boss is a b*tch instead of telling me her name, that the two of you wore the same dress and telling me about 11 different incidents that took place over a year’s time? Ok, that’s just a pet peeve. I don’t want to get sidetracked here.

Most of the time, women’s strong points get chalked up to looks and sex. While those are indeed important, that vive la difference between men and women bleeds through into a lot of small, but collectively important things. Here are some guys at Reddit listing some of them…

— Women are like fantasy elves. They look recognizably like us but they’re smaller, more elegant, and mysterious

— They literally create human beings. I look at my two daughters and I’m like, holy shit, my wife created them. Now I have two roommates that were not here 3 years ago, but my wife made them and it blows my mind. Wtf…

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— That they make us (males) want to be a better version of ourselves

— Im always amazed at how soft they are! There skin is so much smoother and softer than ours.

— How flexable they are in general, relative to males. Idk how tf y’all quite literally bend over backwards, heads over heels.

— I’ve noticed that my wife can read me like an open book before I even realize I have a weird expression on my face, meanwhile I don’t know what the hell she’s thinking about sometimes lol.

— Their eyes, though this is more a general point. The amount of compassion and happiness they can look at you with is sincerely beautiful.

— Their eyes, though this is more a general point. The amount of compassion and happiness they can look at you with is sincerely beautiful.

— There’s one woman in my life who has an insane effect on me.

Anytime, … i mean, ANYTIME i’m feeling a little anxious, all i have to do is hear her voice or just look at her face, and my heartbeat almost instantly slows down, i feel calmer, more relaxed, and it just feels like all the worries in my life have just evaporated off of my body.

Idk… if someone can unknowingly do that to another person, I call that a super power. Aka genuinely amazing. I’m truly grateful to have her in my life.

— When they are enthralled in something cute, like a baby or a puppy, you can feel the maternal instincts wafting off them like the smell of fresh baked German chocolate cake.

It just wells up inside you, watching them nurture something vulnerable.

That last one comes closest describing one of my favorite things about women, which is their feminine energy. It’s hard to even describe and sadly, it often goes away as women join the working world and become more masculine, but there is this feminine mix of innocence, happiness, wonder and excitement that’s just enthralling. I know that’s a little vague, but the best description of it that I can come up with is old school Snow White,

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