Men Give Advice About How to Stop Being a ‘Nice Guy’

How often have you heard that nice guys finish last or that women don’t like nice guys? There are some very good reasons for that and if you feel like you’re a stereotypical ‘nice guy,” that is something you need to address.

Over at Reddit someone asked for some advice about how to stop being a nice guy and there were over 1800 comments. Some of them were direct in their advice and others were a little roundabout, but there was a lot of good stuff in there. Here are some of the best ones.

“Covert contracts are common with Nice Guys.

I would argue that it’s the defining feature of the Nice Guy-mentality. It’s not only the expectation that a specific woman will fall for you if you give her prefential treatment (being extraordinarily nice to her, making her a priority, doing her every favor possible etc.), but also the general expectation that “good things happen to good people” – which includes the idea that as long as you follow the dating script and are a decent guy (one who is not a player or a bully etc.), you’ll get some karmic benefit out of this, like romantic success with also decent women.” — exit_sandman