Men Discuss the Worst Dates They’ve Ever Experienced

Here are the best of the worst bad date stories men were sharing on Reddit. Enjoy!

— I took a girl out to a fancy dinner at a well known steakhouse that’s about an hour away from where we lived.

The dinner itself was great. She commented her steak was fantastic and that she wasn’t used to eating such high-quality, juicy steak.

As we were waiting to exit the parking garage, she held her stomach and started freaking out, saying she needed to use the bathroom. I told her to run up the stairs, because we were stuck in the middle of a long line waiting to leave the garage.

She screamed at me to drive onto an empty floor (it was closing time so all the cars had left towards the exit already)

Once there, she started barking at me to get out of the car. I was at a loss for words and didn’t know what was going on, so I obliged.

She shat herself on my passenger seat.

Lemme repeat, she shat herself. On my passenger seat.

I was shocked, but also empathetic? Obviously if she could’ve held it in she would have.

Luckily I had a blanket in my trunk, so she took off her dress she shit in, put it in her purse and wrapped herself in my blanket.

The hour drive home was the longest hour of my life.

We cracked our windows, trying to breathe through our mouths in an effort to not smell her feces.

I had her drop me off at home, so she can clean her mess at her place, and then come drop my car off the following day.

She cleaned what she could, and then took it to a place somewhere to have it professionally.

I feel so bad whenever someone sits in that seat lol

— Went out on a first date with a waitress at a restaurant I frequent regularly. We went to a bar she goes to often because she said it had a nice atmosphere and we could get free drinks. TERRIBLE IDEA. We were barely talking 5 minutes before the free drinks started rolling in. She got so many that she got sh*tfaced drunk, got into a fight, I had to pull her out of the bar, and after walking away from the bar for about a minute she legit goes “I need to use the bathroooooom” and pulls her dress up and PEES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. I was so pissed, but knew I couldn’t leave her alone that inebriated. I take her home, let her sleep on my bed while I slept on the couch and she puked in a bucket for literally the entire night. It was fucking half full by the time I checked up on her in the morning. She gets back home and texts me “I had a really great time and appreciate you taking care of me, let’s hang out again soon.” WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F*CK?

— She brought her friends and expected me to pay for everyone. Her friends were cool but the date ended up being a girls night out on me. Yeah no thanks.

Edit thanks for all the votes.

To clarify I did not pay for anything.

My meal and drinks came to 30 of the 300odd bill.

I tipped the waiter 30 and toilet dashed.