Men Are Supposed to be Lucky That Women are Fighting For Equality & Not Revenge?

What is the revenge for specifically? Especially here in America? Is it for fighting off Indians, the British, Mexico, Canada, the Spanish and everyone else men had to defeat to settle the country? Is it the Constitution? Is it for winning WWI? WWII? The Cold War? Is it for building the greatest economy in world history? For inventing almost everything that matters? For creating almost all the literature and art that matters? Is the revenge against the father that helped bring her into the world? The whole history of civilization is the history of men making things happen. Even this woman is holding a sign printed on paper (invented by a man, Cai Lung), with writing on it in magic marker (invented by a man, Yukio Horie) — talking about taking revenge on men. Take everything men invented and created out of the equation and women would be living in caves and trying to futilely dodge predators with shoes made out of flowers and tree bark.

Men don’t usually bring this kind of thing up, but if we’re now to the point where we’re going to pretend like men are so horrible and useless that women should take revenge on us for mansplaining, not wanting to pay for their conception or the other equally dumb complaints that modern feminism embraces, it’s worth reminding people of how civilization reached this point.

Today, all of us, male and female are individuals standing on the shoulders of giants that came before us. Anybody who agrees with the woman holding that sign should remember how many of those giants were men.

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John Hawkins
John Hawkins created in 2001; built it up to a top 10,000 in the world website; created a corporation with more than 20 employees to support it; created a 3.5 million person Facebook page; became one of the most popular conservative columnists in America; was published everywhere from National Review to Human Events, to Townhall, to PJ Media, to the Daily Wire, to The Hill; wrote a book 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know that was at one point top 50 in the self-help section on Amazon; did hundreds of hours as a guest on radio shows, raised $611,000 in a GoFundMe for Brett Kavanaugh’s family and has been talked about everywhere from The New York Times to Buzzfeed, to the Washington Post, to Yahoo News, to the Rush Limbaugh Show, to USA Today. After seeing the unjust way that Brett Kavanaugh was treated during his hearings and how a lifetime worth of good work was put at risk by unprovable allegations, John Hawkins decided to create a men’s website. Welcome to Brass Pills!


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