Meet the Nullos: Guys Who Have Their Genitals Removed Because…?

In a world where you’re supposed to pretend that changing your gender is a lifestyle choice as opposed to a mental illness, I guess “Nullos” are just the next logical step. I was blessedly unaware of their existence until I read about this guy,

Trent Gates, a 23-year-old man who identifies as “non-binary” and is attracted to men, revealed in an interview published by a tabloid this week that he removed his own testicles and penis in an attempt to become a genital-less “nullo.”

…“It really didn’t feel like part of me. It’s along the lines of being trans, but not quite,” the Washington, DC resident told Metro US about why he chose to perform the surgery. According to Gates, he only used ice water to numb himself during the first surgery.

He told Metro he was inspired by the example of another famous “nullo” – the term for individuals in an extreme body modification subculture that idealizes the surgical removal of genitalia – named “Gelding.” Gates said after seeing a photo of a “nullo” online he decided he wanted to join the community one day.