Matt Walsh is Right That We Should Ban Pornography, But…

Conservative columnist Matt Walsh recently sparked a large online discussion about banning porn. Philosophically, I agree with him 110% and not only would I be okay with the government banning porn, I think it would be one of the best things it could do.

Unfortunately, there are two big problems with doing it.

1. How do you practically do it? Yes, you could certainly make shooting porn in the United States illegal, but how do you stop all the porn movies and porn websites from just moving overseas and still churning out the exact same material?

2. Perhaps more importantly, how do you muster the will to ban pornography in a nation full of porn addicts, liberals who love it because of its corrosive effects on society, Libertarians who oppose all government action and conservatives who confuse pornography and free speech? It doesn’t matter how good the idea is if you can’t turn it into law.