Man Spends 5 Months in Maximum Security Prison After Ex-Girlfriend Falsely Accuses Him of Rape

Is this woman mentally ill? Was she a sociopath trying to get him out of the way to get the house he built for them? No idea, but this is definitely a horrible situation.

An innocent man spent five months in a maximum security prison after his ex-girlfriend falsely accused him of rape and assault.

Daniel Jones, 31, from Canberra, thought Sarah Jane Parkinson was the love of his life when they met at work in 2011.

The couple became engaged after a few short months and Mr Jones even built a house so they could live together.

But shortly after moving in, Mr Jones’ life began to unravel.

He was served with an AVO (apprehended violence order) after Parkinson told her colleagues at the Queanbeyan Police Station that he had abused her.

Parkinson’s lies snowballed and in 2014 she claimed she had been raped.

Mr Jones was arrested at the granny flat at her parents’ house and taken to a police station.

He would later learn that Parkinson had made an emergency call to police telling them she had been beaten and savagely raped that morning.

Mr Jones was transferred to Goulburn maximum security prison for five months while police investigated multiple false allegations.

But Parkinson’s lies were about to catch up with her.

Detective Leesa Alexander from the ACT criminal unit look on the investigation and found multiple inconsistencies in Parkinson’s evidence.

Parkinson was sentenced to three years and one month behind bars in Canberra magistrates’ court in January for making a false rape claim.

What the Hell, Australia? Who sticks someone in a maximum security prison while allegations are investigated against him? I also have to wonder what happened between 2011 and 2014? Did she just make this up out of the blue or did he hang in there after she made false accusations against him then? If so, that is AN ENORMOUS MISTAKE. If a woman ever calls the police and claims you did something that you didn’t, you have to treat her like plutonium from there on out because there is no apology that makes up for that. Also, worse yet, if she makes up that kind of lie once, don’t be surprised if she does it again. In any case, I’m glad she at least went to jail because all too often, women seem to get off without punishment after making these kinds of fake allegations.

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