Man Ordered to Pay $3,000 Per Month in Alimony to Bigamist Ex-Wife He Was Married to For 5 Months

Via the Pluralist,

A Texas man wants a court to reconsider a 2019 divorce settlement in light of the fact that his ex-wife has been charged with bigamy.

Mark Athans, 56, told ABC affiliate KTRK on Wednesday he fears being sent to jail for refusing to pay the $73,000 sum.

“What am I supposed to tell my son? ‘I’m sorry, son, but I’ve got to go to jail for 18 months,’” Athans said. “I’m not trapped. I’m up against the wall. My last resort was to bring this before the public. Hopefully, the public can show, if anything, how bad this has gotten. It shouldn’t have gotten this far. The court is responsible for this.”