Man Making 135k Dumps His Feminist Girlfriend Who Makes More Because She Said She Was Dating Down

There’s just SO MUCH to unpack in this post:

First of all thank you all for your comments, when I made the post I was unsure if I was overreacting. I still didn’t want to see 8 months go down the drain especially considering the fact that we had such a good time together so far. So I really wanted to see what she would say, but I would stick to my views that I wasn’t gonna be treated as the second tier.

Hey, guys decided to update you guys on what went down. I moved back into my apartment and my girlfriend went up to Connecticut to her family’s apartment.

We talked to each other on the phone, my girlfriend starts saying that she misses me and wants to put this behind us. She says that she was being general when talking to her sister and its unfair to compare architecture salaries to tech, as architecture is more of an art than engineering. That architecture is a lot about design while tech is about solving problems….