Man Includes His Wife’s Girlfriend in Wedding Photos and Then…

As a general rule, polyamorous relationships are a disaster, but what if it’s man/woman/woman? Hmmmm?

After accepting his girlfriend’s claim to identify as polyamorous, an Ohio man allowed her to start an affair on their wedding day.

In an interview with the UK Daily Star published Sunday, the woman, Karalyn Henry, 22, recounted the story. She said that before she married Justin last year, she revealed to him that she had secretly struggled for years with being polyamorous. To her surprise, she said, he immediately accepted her “orientation,” as The Star put it.

“I brought my worries up with my now husband, and he nonchalant said, ‘Well you can just date a girl on the side,’” Henry recalled. “My mind was blown – I didn’t even think that was a possibility to be honest. We gave it a go, though, and it just worked so perfectly that it stuck to us.”