Liberal Lawyer: Men That Don’t Ask For Consent Multiple Times Are “Bad at Sex”

Promoting this kind of weird sh*t seems to be increasingly common on the Left and whenever I hear it, the first thought I always have is, “I wonder if these people have had sex before?” After all, these people sound like puzzled space aliens trying to get a handle on human mating habits. I really wonder if they understand how weird they sound outside the wokest parts of America? The faculty lounge at Berkeley might be applauding this ludicrously stupid idea, but they sound like crazy people who don’t quite get how humans interact with each other to everyone else. In fact, I’d bet you 95% of the people throwing this dumb sh*t out don’t do it themselves at home — and there’s so much of it now. According to SJWs, if you don’t ask for consent, it’s rape. If you get consent, but you both had a couple of drinks, it’s rape. If you don’t ask for consent multiple times at each stage, it’s rape. If you get consent, but she changes her mind later, it’s rape. If you get consent, but she felt pressured for some reason, it’s rape. It just goes on and on.

Let me also add, all of this is completely unnecessary unless you have a sexist view of women as little children with no agency of their own. After all, if a woman you are dating is an adult and doesn’t want to have sex with you, there are so many ways she can shut that down. She can not go home with you in the first place. She can choose not to be next to you on the couch or the bed. She can choose not to get undressed. She can use her hand to stop you if you grab somewhere she doesn’t want grabbed. She can just say “no,” “not tonight, I have a headache” or just, “I don’t want to be here, call me an Uber.”

So, if you’re having to ask for consent multiple times, it seems like either you’re not sure you have consent in the first place, which means you shouldn’t be having sex with her or alternately, you think the woman you’re dating is so flighty and mentally weak that she might change her mind about sex at any point and not be capable of expressing it. Animals with brains the size of a pea can figure out sex with no problem, but it’s apparently getting too complicated for some people to handle.

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John Hawkins
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